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Hello Cold World - Paramore 

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merr jfdkasjxcoasmdas the scholarship i won today is different from sigma. i find out if i won that in 2 weeks. :) 


YZOBELBIRON: I feel like I'm saving all the boys in the world 

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Dear boys,

No matter how much I usually hate you; I’m (sadly) still attracted to you. To disclaim this fact, I have an incredible boyfriend and I don’t check you others out. Seriously. I’m just saying. Now some of you — note how I said SOME — know how to seriously drive a girl crazy without even…

Probably the best fashion advise ever if you’re a guy. Just saying.

The Clairiest of all Claires: i won a $750 scholarship today!  


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oh but in other news, i am so angered by the fact that my teacher posts grades for the quarter RIGHT as they are due after not posting grades all quarter. so I find out I am getting a C. and can do nothing about it.

hi mom and dad, my GPA tanked from a 3.7 to a 3.1 in a matter of…

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR VOTING FOR HER. You are soo super super super amazing.

My incredible boyfriend on the guitar; with his best friend on the bass, covering House Of Wolves by My Chemical Romance. Their band, Aimforsunday.

Please vote for my friend Claire. She has a huge chance at getting a scholarship yet she is competing against other people. It's extremely difficult to even have a chance at a scholarship nowadays. Today is that last day to vote. Please do. 

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Hello there, fellow Parawhore!!
Want to one thing I have always loved about Paramore? Their fan base.
Which is why I am sending you this message today. You see, I am from a very small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Being a fellow Paramore fan, I'm pretty sure you are well-aware of how AMAZING they are live. But guess what? They've been my favourite band since 2007. and sadly, I have NEVER been able to experience that.
It seems like Paramore tours everywhere BUT here. Whenever they do come to Canada, it's always in Toronto or Montreal, which is over 24 hours away from me.
They were here for the No Doubt tour, yes. but the closest date to me was over 4 hours away, and it was on my boyfriend's birthday. and he didn't really listen to Paramore, so I wasn't going to drag him all the way to another province on his birthday. It was either I stayed with him, or went to the concert. I decided to stay. Another reason why I stayed was because if I go, I want it to be FOR PARAMORE. Not some show that they are opening. I figured that they would be back around here to headline a tour soon, and that I would just wait. But guess what? That was summer of 09. and they still aren't here.
I just don't understand what the big deal is. They have been to Europe, Australia, the US, and other countries COUNTLESS times. Every time I go to shows around here, the American bands always tell us how much better they like the crowds up here. When I went to the Taylor Swift concert, she sold out the freaking place. I know it's not the bands that pick their tour locations really, but I still don't think that this is fair AT ALL.
So what did I do? I started a petition. and even if you aren't a Canadian, I'm asking you to promote this for me. By either posting this ask message, telling your followers about it in a separate post, whatever it is. I just need support here. I really do. and I am sending this to all the Paramore-related blogs that I follow, so you will probably be seeing it around a lot. Please help!!

Official Twitter:



I agree so much. Living in Canada, we have huge disadvantages. 

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heyyyy,i'm from buzznet too! and i know Claire. I already voted,Giselle was the one who posted the link before.i voted thrice using 3 different emails adress 

That’s incredible! Hehe, I’m on Buzznet as well with the user Hopefulxlies.

Hi, guys! My friend has a huge shot at getting a photography scholarship, but she's competing against others. It would mean the world to us to please spread awareness and vote for her. This is such a huge opportunity; she's a great photographer. Please just enter your e-mail address in the box & click "vote". Please. 

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Playing God - Paramore acoustic cover by us! Wooo (:

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